How to Answer the Question “Should I Do This Marketing Activity?” Part 2 of 2

If you’ve anytime questioned whether or not you should engage, buy or conduct a accurate business activity, actuality are the final two questions you accept to ask…

(This is allotment two of a 2-part article, be abiding and apprehend allotment one to apprentice the aboriginal three questions you accept to ask.)


Is it too abundant money for just this one activity?

I already had a anticipation acquaint me that they were actively cerebration of commercial in a account business accompanying magazine. The bulk to acquaint for a abounding year…a air-conditioned $17,000.

I about fell out of my chair, because this anticipation was traveling to focus on just this activity. I can architecture a logo and jotter package, a absolute website, a absolute mail attack and accord put you through my business apprenticeship bootcamp for $17,000! But I digress…

Remember that you charge to hit affairs in altered means and modalities. Do not focus all your money on one activity. This is a compound for disaster. If you accept a lot of money and $17,000 will not absorb a abundant majority of your business budget, okay, this may plan (as continued as it meets the accept to haves that you accept abstruse appropriately far).

But…if that $17,000 will yield up a big block or all of your budget, why in the apple would it accomplish sense, financially, to absorb $17,000 on just 1 action if you can accept 4, 5, 6 or added activities and methods for the aforementioned amount?

MUST HAVE #4…You charge to advance a few activities in your marketing, not just 1. Accomplish abiding that the action you’re because doesn’t amount so abundant that it’s the alone action you’ll be able to afford.


Will your affairs in actuality use this action to acquisition your services?

My admired adventure of how a baby business buyer was focused on the amiss action is this: About a year ago I was speaking to a accumulation of baby business owners about business and one adolescent adult who was aperture a attach salon aloft her hand.

She asked, “What should I put in my Yellow Page ad?”

“Yellow pages?” I asked, “Are you abiding that the Yellow Pages is the appropriate action for you to use to ability your prospects?”

“Well, yeah.” She replied. The rep told me that all retail locations should acquaint in the Yellow Pages. I said, “Sorry, but I accept to disagree with you… In fact, let’s yield a little poll. Ladies in the audience, who go to attach salons, would you attending in the Yellow Pages to acquisition a attach salon?”

“NO WAY!” Was the booming answer.

The moral and MUST HAVE #5…Make abiding that your affairs will in actuality use this action to seek your services.

Sure that new advertisement book may attending abundant and be the “next big thing” in marketing, that Yellow Page rep may be a abundant sales person, but if your affairs would never attending through a advertisement book to acquisition a account like yours, or acquisition you in the Yellow Pages, why would you decay the money with that activity?

I acclaim that you book out these 5 questions. Keep them handy.

The next time you’re borderline whether or not to advance in a business activity, you’ll accept a few questions to ask yourself and potentially save you a lot of money.